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 peer support specialists have a responsibility to model recovery, and guide those they serve with the support needed to empower everyone to choose a recovery pathway that is right for their specific needs.

 Midlands recovery center is an approved provider of this 46-hour certification, as outlined by our state, the peer support coalition, and The Addiction Professionals of South Carolina. This training provides a greater understanding of substance use disorder and science of addiction, while learning the multiple pathways of recovery, and ways to engage those who can be harder to reach. peer support opens the door to a broad lens of recovery, allowing for a more educated and open-minded approach.

 by learning important skills that include available resources, responsible referral practices, ethical guidelines, and the importance of self-care while, helping those who struggle with substances.

 (You must have lived experience with a substance use disorder, with a minimum of one-year sustained sobriety to meet the state requirement to participate in this training)

CPSS Training challenges each participant to remain open minded, respectful and with a willingness to learn multiple pathways of recovery, and how to engage someone in a non-confrontational manner, utilizing different philosophies and techniques.

 By clicking the link above (addiction professionals of South Carolina), you can find out more information on trainings in the area. The calendar on our home page will show our training dates, APPLICATIONs and INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMISSION.  

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