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In order to effectively battle the epidemic plaguing our nation and community, we start with the individual. MRC provides hope and support that fosters mutual trust, respect in a judgment free environment. Our Certified Peer Support Specialists work with individuals regardless of recovery status. whether in crisis or maintaining recovery from Substances, we will serve the needs of individuals, without a "one-size-fits all" approach. understanding that substance use, and mental health issues are often coupled together, our recovery Coache's provide services to anyone seeking recovery. With innovative telehealth services, in-person services, or in group settings, we are able to remove barriers to better serve those who seek help when it doesn't seem available.


MRC’s Certified Peer Support Specialists connect individuals with services through partnerships that specialize in recovery housing, homeless outreach, vocational rehabilitation, Narcan distribution and educational opportunities that are evidence-based and individualized.

 MRC also connects recoverees with affordable, quality aftercare services, introducing a healthier, happier lifestyle, to find purpose and hope amid the chaos and shame that often leave most feeling trapped in a vicious cycle.



Reduce the number of people trapped in the revolving door between inpatient, outpatient treatment and penal systems

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Reduce the chances of incarceration by introducing healthier lifestyles and coping skills


Help those who suffer from Substance use disorder AND Co-occurring disorders, return to a happier recovery-based life



We offer relapse prevention plans, utilizing the client as a resource to establish ownership of their personal recovery
plan for substance-use disorder.

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our wellness programs, such as karate, yoga and guitar lessons, we will give our peers an opportunity to re-ignite the passion for life that they may have lost in active use


we will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be in your new life of recovery, offering multiple pathways to achieve their goals