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In order to effectively battle this epidemic in our community, we start with the individual. MRC provides the hope and support that fosters recovery. Our Certified Peer Support Specialists work with individuals who have overdosed, are in crisis, or are currently struggling with Substance Misuse/Co-occurring disorders. Our CPSS’s provide service to anyone that wishes to find recovery. With cutting edge telehealth services, we are able to serve those who seek help but may not be able to go to where help is available.


MRC’s Certified Peer Support Specialists connect individuals with our services and partnerships that specialize in housing for the homeless, vocational rehabilitation, and educational opportunities that provide evidence-based interventions. MRC also connects individuals with affordable, quality aftercare services that introduces them to a healthier lifestyle so that they can become a productive, happier member of the community.


We will work with individuals to help them establish an immediate plan of action that helps them overcome active addiction, while leading by example and model what recovery looks like in everyday life.

Midlands Recovery Center


We will connect individuals with our Aftercare programs to ensure that they have a relapse prevention plan in place, and are actively participating in our offered programs while giving them resources they need to successfully transition back into sobriety.


We will introduce 12- step fellowships and smart recovery groups that will plug them into a community of like-minded people that are on the same pathway to long-term recovery. 


We will offer one on one sessions with a Peer Support Specialist that has lived experience in the same problem areas of his/her life. Our CPSS’s will model recovery and help encourage those who struggle, while providing hope.


Reduce the number of people in the revolving door of the inpatient and outpatient treatment systems

Reduce the chances of incarceration by introducing healthier lifestyles

Help those who suffer from Substance Misuse AND Co-occurring disorders return to a happier recovery based life


We offer relapse prevention plans and invest our time and resources into the person with a substance abuse disorder.

With empowered wellness classes such as karate and yoga we will re-ignite the passion for life that they may have forgotten exists

we will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be in your new life of recovery





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COVID-19 UPDATE: Beginning on March 15, 2020, MRC will reduce our in-office presence and peer visitation schedule and utilize telehealth technologies to provide critical peer and family support functions.