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The Midlands Recovery Center is a bridge between treatment and long-term recovery. Whether in crisis, new to recovery, post-return to use, or additional support, our coaches will walk along each individual to guide toward stability.



We offer hope, recovery skills, and mental wellness in a supportive and safe environment for people seeking recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders.



We provide peer-driven support in a safe, non-judgmental environment while allowing our peers to experience and thrive in recovery. With a client centered approach, we utilize a family model to help rebuild relationships, finding resources to build recovery capital. We offer  mental and emotional support while providing education and prevention plans to help improve life.

Narcan distribution AND HARM REDUCTION



The Hope Bag Project

Tragically, homelessness, mental illness and substance use go hand in hand. The result of homelessness is stigma and fear for the community, but we CAN make a difference.

  The Hope Bag project

became a way to engage a population of people who are often invisible to most. An undiagnosed or untreated mental illness frequently contributes to homelessness and could lead to substance-use disorder. Often, these individuals are ill-equipped, without resources or help to address genuine issues.

 Our trained Peer Support Specialists utilize their lived experience, establishing relationships in the community building trust and mutual respect.


Our Hope Bag initiative provides opportunity without judgement.

 the most important part is

 meeting people where they are, starting a dialogue that ignites hope for those who feel hopeless.

 engaging with those who struggle by becoming a resource and advocate for humans that are often discarded, showing them that people  care. This is what assertive outreach looks like! We do not wait for people to come to us, we go to the people in need.

Every bag contains basic items such as water, snacks, personal hygiene products, educational and preventative materials. we supply COVID-19 protective essentials, HIV-hep-c testing, and resource information throughout the midlands and surrounding areas.

As community distributors of Narcan (Naloxone, which is an opioid/opiate reversal medication) We train and disperse kits that can prevent overdose and sustain life.


we include harm reduction materials  with funding and support of DAODAS (The Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services) affecting change and providing support. 




Anyone in need of this life saving medication, please contact us and together we may provide an opportunity to prevent overdose

trainings and events



Stay on top of our cpss training, continuing education opportunities, AND dedicated events BY SUBSCIBING TO OUR WEBSITE. Our EVENTS CALENDAR WILL KEEP YOU UDATED WITH RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUPS, EVENTS AND WELLNESS PROGRAMS.





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